A New Way To Fundraise

Do you have a organisation that needs a little extra help with fundraising? We can help. All you need to do is grab all your friends and join us for a night of exclusive sales. Your guests will have access to our store for a night of
decicated shopping experience. Our trained staff will be here to give you and your guests one on one time.

20% of the nights sales will be donated direct to your cause. 

We are a family owned South Australian Company and would love to help you raise money for the much loved non for profit organisations like our local kindergardens, schools, sport clubs and charities.

What you get.....

1. Exclusive access to our store after hours for 1.5hrs to shop to you drop for all your pets needs
with 20% of the nights sales going to your cause

2. Dedicated staff to help with all your needs

3. Complimentary drinks

If you would like to host your every own Fundraising night and raise money for a great cause than we would love to help. Contact Erica via Email erica@northsidepets.com.au